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Paris hotels are notoriously small, which can test even the most loving families. To ensure a delightful stay on your trip, we’ve done the due diligence so you don’t have to suffer in tight quarters. From luxury hotels, to more affordable options, we’ve come up with a selection of the best family accommodation to help you find the perfect place. Family rooms, apartments, pools and other qualities will please kids and parents alike. If you haven’t booked your stay in Paris for an upcoming holiday, we’ve fortunately done the research for you. Below you’ll find our picks for the best family-friendly hotels in Paris.

A Boutique Hotel for Families: Villa d’Estrées

Hidden away on one of the narrow streets in close proximity to Place Saint-Michel, in the 6th arrondissement, is this charming Saint-Germain boutique hotel. Quintessentially French in look and feel, it has a cozy shared lounge. There is also a bistro for convenient meals in, as well as suites and apartments so the family can stay all together. It is located in one of the best places in the city – close to Notre Dame cathedral, Île Saint-Louis and the Île de la Cité. The convenient location means easy access to other other main tourist attractions in the City, a plethora of which are within walking distance.

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A Family Hotel in the Latin Quarter: Hotel Henri Rive Gauche

Enjoy summertime in the heart of the Left Bank at this intimate hotel. Housed in a historic building nestled in the Latin Quarter, Saint-Germain and Saint Michel boulevards are on either side. The interior of the hotel has historic decor from the 17th century. Some of the best things to do within a short walk? Stroll the Banks of the river Seine. Walk to Berthillon for an ice cream. Visit the Jardin du Luxembourg and the kid-friendly Jardin des Plantes, home to the National History Museum and the Menagerie Zoo.

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For Eiffel Tower Views and Shopping Nearby: Hotel de Sers

Found on a quiet side street south of the Champs Elysées in the 8th arrondissement, this is a great location to walk to sites like the Arc de Triomphe and of course the prestigious Golden Triangle. This former mansion was beautifully converted into a luxury boutique hotel. Its chic interiors were created by renowned interior designer Thomas Vidalenc. It has 45 rooms and seven suites many of which are a great place for families. There are deluxe rooms which fit three, family rooms made of two communicating superior or two deluxe rooms and ultra luxurious suites which sleep four and which boost terraces with stunning views of the nearby Eiffel Tower.

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For Museum Lovers: Castille Paris

Well-positioned in the 1st arrondissement, near the Louvre museum, Place de la Concorde and Place Vendôme, this luxurious hotel has some great features for families seeking spacious rooms and the comforts and amenities of a luxury hotel. Their family rooms range from suites that can sleep three to an apartment that fits eight. The central location means you can easily combine museum visits with playtime in the Tuileries gardens. End your day with a gourmet meal at its Michelin-starred restaurant.

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A Place in Le Marais: Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc

This hotel in the Marais, in the 4th arrondissement, is an excellent value family hotel. Its location is perhaps the best neighborhood for exploring Paris and its main attractions, particularly if it’s your first visit. The 34 rooms have nice design elements from chic lighting to floral print wallpaper. It’s the ideal place for families since some rooms can fit three or four people. Younger kids can let loose in nearby Place des Vosges or in the play areas in the Parc Rives de Seine down by the river. Older children and young adults will appreciate the major attractions (like les Halles and the Centre Pompidou), numerous metro lines, variety of shops and places to go out nearby.

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For Proximity to Disneyland and a Swimming Pool: Pullman Paris Centre – Bercy

Located to the east of the city center, in the delightful 12th arrondissement, this modern hotel’s indoor pool will be much appreciated on hot summer days in Paris. It has a range of family rooms which can fit up to six people. Young children will love the beautiful parks nearby, including Bercy Park, which has lawns and play areas. There are also shops, restaurants and cinemas of the Cour Saint-Emilion which offer something for all ages. It is located just moments from Cour Saint-Émilion metro station where the metro line 14 will take you to the center of the city in minutes. The best part for kids? You can make it to Disneyland Paris in less than an hour door to door.

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Best Family Hotel with aRooftop Terrace: Hôtel Rosalie

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You can feel like you’re the guest of a Parisian family by staying at this recently renovated boutique hotel. Located in the local 13th district, a little outside the city center near Place d’Italie (though easily accessible by metro), the hotel features a lovely garden as well as a rooftop terrace. They have both triple rooms and one and two bedroom apartments, some of which have views of the rooftops and the Eiffel Tower. Within the vicinity is the charming former village of the Buttes-aux-Cailles and the lively Rue Mouffetard market street.

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