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Cycling in Romania. If we’re absolutely honest, it’s not a country we’ve known much about in terms of its cycling credentials.

So when Epic Road Rides reader, Costin Davidescu, a passionate road cyclist who lives in Romania got in touch, we jumped at the chance for him to tell us all about the cycling here.

Based in Bucharest, but with a love of travel, Costin knows the country well and in this guide he gives us his insights on the best places to ride in Romania, from the infamous Transfagarasan Highway and TransAlpina Road to the super steep Sultanu climb.

If you’ve ever fancied venturing beyond the confines of western Europe and the climbs made famous by the Grand Tours, this will make interesting reading!

Cycle climbs/routes in Romania

Cycling in Romania is amazing and the big advantage is that travel here is cheap. The people will give you a warm welcome and most of them speak English.

In the last few years the infrastructure in Romania has started to improve so some incredible road rides have begun to appear on the map – for example the Transfagarasan Highway (made famous by Jeremy Clarkson/Top Gear) and the TransAlpina Road.

What’s the best cycling climb in Romania? What’s it like?

There are two very famous roads in Romania for cyclists.

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (1)Transfagarasan and Balea Lake aerial view

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (2)Switchbacks of the Transfagarasan Highway

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (3)The Transalpina Highway

(Video) Road Cycling in Romania 🤯🤯 (Transalpina)

1. Transfagarasan Highway

North side of Transfagarasan

The north side of Transfagarasan has some amazing switchbacks. The climb starts about 50km from Sibiu (more on Sibiu below) from Cartisoara village.

Unlike the south side, where the really twisty parts starts closer to the top, here, basically the entire road is twisty as hell from around 4km in! It’s a steady 6-7% gradient and through the forest, but once you pass the Balea Waterfall the forest is left behind and you start to see almost to Sibiu (on a clear day).

After a few more twists you get to this amazing view of the final climb, a neverending S shape road, biting the hard rock of the mountains. It’s really, really impressive. Here on top of the mountain, the twists are wider and you start to see what Clarkson meant when he said is the best road in the world!

Make sure you have a good camera on your phone because from here to the summit, there are some breathtaking viewpoints which give you amazing views.

The road in the final kilometre, is cut into the rocky mountains until you see the final corner, the Balea Lake Cabin and the amazing lake sitting on top of the mountain.

After this 30km climb with 1,500m of elevation gain, you can really enjoy that beer at the restaurant, with the glacial lake and the great mountains behind you. It really gives you a satisfaction like no other – that is until you start the descent!

And, oh boy, what a descent it is, with amazing corners and speed, which makes you feel like Valentino Rossi in a MotoGP race!

More info: Strava segment here

South side of Transfagarasan (Strava segment here)

The south ride starts at the amazing Vidraru Dam.

From the dam, the climb goes up for a steady ~6% average for about ~40km.

The road winds through forest alongside the Vidradru Lake for the first few kilometres. After that it reaches the foothill of the peak and gets really twisty. That’s when the fun really starts and for almost 10km you climb about 1,000m in elevation. It’s really challenging!

If you want to ride this side, you could stay in one of the two hotels on the side of the Vidradru Lake. I’ve been to Hotel Posada Vidraru and it’s really nice and cozy. You can also enjoy a cruise of the lake right from the hotel.

The other option is Hotel Valea cu Pesti. It’s a little bit bigger, but got great views of the lake.

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (4)On the way to the Transfagarasan climb from Sibiu

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (5)Start of the Transfagarasan climb

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (6)Near the start of the Transfagarasan climb

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (7)On the middle section of the Transfagarasan climb

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (8)Balea Lake, at the top of the Transfagarasan climb

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (9)Balea Lake

(Video) 🤯 Road Cycling the Transfagarasan in Romania

2. TransAlpina Highway

The TransAlpina road is the other mother of all mountain roads in Romania. It’s about 30 kilometres from Sibiu city centre.

I suggest starting at Tau Bistra, where you have a nice hotel with a very good restaurant. The TransAlpina road from Tau Bistra to 2,145m and back, will get you ~120km and ~2500m elevation gain. It’s a big climb!

From Tau Bistra, the first part of the climb is a mellow 2-4%, but with great views of the winding road among the forest and a few dams around it.

After the first 30km of 2-4% you get to enjoy some well deserved 7-9% peaks for about 5km and then, all of a sudden, from nowhere, the road starts to go down and down and for the next 5km and what a joy to have, speeding at about 60-70km/h (not compulsory of course!) on a very nice curvy road way until Obarsie Lotrului intersection.

There you make a right turn, ride about 3km and the forest is left behind. The final stretch starts, about 10km of breathtaking views and an “easy” 8-9% climb with 1km of 14% that makes your day better (or not!!)!

You get to over 2,000m, cutting through the clouds and you think to yourself, that’s it…but no, that’s just one step closer – but it’s not the summit yet! In the distance you get to see the peak where you reach the highest point on a Romanian road, the 2145m mark.

Be aware that it’s not a summit with a village/tourist attraction, as the road was built with the practical purpose of crossing the Carpathian Mountains! However there are 180 degree views of the mountains nearby and the immense valleys. The feeling of climbing over 2,000m by bike also makes your day better!

Of course, what goes up must come down, and what a ride it is! If you want, it can be a very fast descent… I clocked 83km/h, but it was windy, so I’m sure you can get to 100km/h with the perfect conditions assuming, like me, you love speed!

The landscape, the winding road and the amazing satisfaction of being on top of Romania on your bike is just what you need to appreciate this wonderful country we have.

A final note that might be helpful: from Tau Bistra up to the top of the TransAlpina, there are quite a few places you can get a snack or a cold beer. There’s even a sheep farm where you can have a Romanian dish called Bulz (cheese and milk with polenta) if you fancy it!

What’s your favourite cycling climb around Bucharest – and why?

My favourite climb in my area is the Secuiu climb, mainly because it’s part of one the most famous Romanian races for amateurs, the Drumul Vinului Race. It’s organised by a Romanian former pro cyclist named Alex Ciocan (now a Eurosport Romania commentator for cycling). However it hasn’t happened since Covid struck, so check whether it’s still going ahead if you’re interested.

The competition is open to anyone, there are about five different classifications from elite to amateurs, and the level is for anyone depending on your training. The atmosphere is amazing and it’s really well organised.

I have some great memories from it.

What’s the best climb that not many people know about in Romania?

One of the hidden gems that I love to ride is also one of the steepest roads in Romania! The climb is called Sultanu (the Sultan) and although it’s short, it averages 17%. At the top the gradient hits 30%! This is the Strava segment here.

I also like this climb, known as “piatra arsa” (burnt stone). It’s also known as Transbucegi. It’s very challenging but has some amazing views from the top of the mountain. The Strava segment is here.

Both of these climbs are northwest of Bucharest. Sultanu is accessible from a town called Sibiu (which is about 300km from Bucharest – more on that below).

The Piatra Arsa road is at about 180km from Sibiu but on the road from Sibiu, there are some really nice places to visit, like Fagaras Fortress, a really nice church Sinca Veche, the Bear Sanctuary of Zarnesti, the Rasnov Citadel and one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, the Peles Castle which is in Sinaia.

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (13)View from Cosmina de Jos Town Climb

(Video) Cycling on the Highest Pass in Romania

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (14)Transbucegi Road Climb

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (15)Top of Transbucegi Road Climb

Where to stay (for cyclists)

If I was to pick one place to stay, I’d suggest basing yourself in Sibiu. It’s situated near the centre of Romania, in the famous Transylvania region and it’s close to the TransFagarasan and TransAlpina climbs.

It’s a historic city too, so as well as the cycling around Sibiu, there are also lots of places to visit, including some of the best attractions in the country (see below!).

If you’d like to do the Seciu race I mentioned above, you could drive to Sinaia after Sibiu.

My perfect itinerary would be time in Sibiu for the TransFagarasan and TransAlpina, then spend a day or two in Sinaia and ride TransBucegi, Sultanu and Seciu (mentioned above and do the hikes I mention below).

I was recently in Sibiu for three days – here are my routes on Strava, to give you an idea of the riding that’s available!

Bike shops/hire/rental in Romania

Bike rental in Romania

There are a few places that hire bikes in Romania, but it’s an area that’s only just starting to develop. You’ll find most of the bike hire shops in Romania’s big cities and they are generally focused on renting city bikes, though there are a few that rent MTB or road bikes.

In Sibiu take a look at Light Cycling, who offer road and touring bike rental and they deliver.

However, if you can, I would suggest you bring your own bike as it’s safer due to the possible issues of finding somewhere to rent you a bike, size availability, choice of gearing etc.

Bike shops in Romania

There are plenty of bike shops in Romania.

In Bucharest I highly recommend Bike Fix – he is the bike mechanic our cycling club use and he is great and with fair prices. He’s also a really good rider!

In Sibiu, there are a few options you can check out: Bike Show, Explorer Sport, and Downhill & More.

Also there are Decathlon shops in main cities around Romania.

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (16)DP2R friends group ride

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (17)View from Cosmina de Jos Town Climb

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (18)DP2R friends group ride around Cheia Town

(Video) Cycling from Romania to Italy and back - part 5 - day 8/17 Croatia - Slovenia - Italy

When to go

I’d suggest you visit any time between May and late October. Probably May to June and September to October are best because the temperatures should be just right. In the mid summer, we get about 32-35℃ in the city. On the mountains the temperature never really gets over 30℃ even between May and October.

Transfagarasan and Transalpina should be rideable from 1 June until 1 November (but that might be subject to change – July to September is probably a safer bet and check before you head out there). This Facebook page has a lot of information on the conditions on Transfagarasan.

For all the other roads, you can check the state run website


Is there anything that visitors shouldn’t miss while in Romania?


In Sibiu, there are great museums and beautiful buildings (as well as lots of places to party!). From Sibiu you can also travel to some amazing sights:

  • The saxon villages of Viscri, Alma Vii, Sighisoara, Saschiz, Crit, Rupea which are Unesco Heritage Sites
  • Bran Castle, also known as the Dracula Castle
  • Balea Lake on top of Transfagarasan Road
  • Alba Iulia Citadel

Honestly, there are so many things to see, it’s hard to make a single pick!

From Sibiu there are also lots of hiking trails to take, some reaching the highest peak in Romania, Moldoveanu Peak at 2,544m


From Sinaia, you can hike a little to two of the most important landmarks in Romania, who are in reach from Sinaia: the Sphinxand Babele. There’s also the famous Caraiman Cross (or the Heros Cross) on the same Bucegi Plateau, in reach either by foot or by cable car (more infohere). The Cross is in the Guiness Book of records, being the highest cross on top of a mountain.

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (19)Peles Castle, Sinaia, Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (20)Aerial view of Sibiu old town in Transylvania, Romania

Cycling in Romania - what you need to know (21)Rasnov Fortress in Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

What’s your advice for coffee/bar/café stops in Romania?

The big cities have amazing places to stop, but my advice is to enjoy the small local bars and restaurants in the village centres.

That will show you the real Romanians, the hard working people that really enjoy a bottle of beer after a hard day in the field. Sharing a story with them will make your day.

It might not be some hipster coffee shop, but the raw beauty will win you over for sure.

What are your best tips for people cycling in Romania for the first time?

Bring cash because the village bars and restaurants don’t use cards or have ATMs. So if you want to order that beer, it’s safer to have cash!

One other tip would be don’t be afraid to explore. The cycling culture in Romania is booming and if you take a look on Strava, you will see lots of routes. They may seem odd choices, but have faith and you will find some amazing gems.

Also, Romanians are very warm people and no matter what trouble you’re in, they will help you the best they can.

A big thank you to Costin for sharing his insights. If you’ve been to Romania, we’d love to hear from you. Please comment below!

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Is Bucharest bike-friendly? ›

The main boulevards in Bucharest are long and have wide sidewalks or bike lanes - which makes them perfect for a bike ride with sightseeing!

Which country is best for road cycling? ›

France and Italy are probably the best-known countries for cycling climbs but Switzerland and its mountains offer new possibilities on lesser known terrain.

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Is Romania bike friendly? ›

Numerous bicycle-friendly roads and dedicated paths have recently been built and more and more towns and villages are now ready to provide equipment and services for independent or large groups of cyclists.

What should you not do while cycling? ›

10 Cycling Mistakes To Avoid
  1. Saddle height. ...
  2. Not fuelling for a ride correctly. ...
  3. Braking in corners. ...
  4. No spares or tools. ...
  5. Grabbing hard on the brakes. ...
  6. Riding too far, too hard, too soon. ...
  7. Poor bike maintenance. ...
  8. Unsuitable clothing.

What beginner bikers should know? ›

These Cycling Tips for Beginners Will Make Riding More Fun
  • Set Your Seat Height Right. ...
  • Get a Full Bike Fit. ...
  • Don't Stress About the Gear. ...
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  • Avoid Doing Too Much Too Soon. ...
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  • Use Your Gears. ...
  • Learn How to Ride in a Group.
Apr 14, 2022

Is it okay to take a shower after cycling? ›

Numerous studies reveal that you shouldn't hop into the shower right after intense exercise. Cool down after a workout first and wait until your heart rate and body temperature stabilize. This should take about 20 to 30 minutes, assuming you're just sitting around. Water temperature is also a factor.

Where do pro cyclists live in Europe? ›

Girona, Spain – a city of about 100,00 people in the north-east corner of Catalonia – has become a haven for pro cyclists from around the globe. Quick access to training roads, along with high temperatures that range from 13°C in winter to 30°C in summer, make it an ideal place for cycling.

Which country is famous for bike? ›

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How much is it to rent a bike in Budapest? ›

Bicycle rental prices:

2 500 HUF/day (same day return), 3 500 HUF/24 hours, 3 or more days: 3 000 HUF/day.

How far should a beginner cyclist ride? ›

To give you an idea of distances and speed, the average cycling speed for a beginner is about 12mph. This means that in your first week, you'll be covering distances of up to 2 miles. After eight weeks, the 10-mile ride shouldn't feel daunting at all.

How long should a beginner cycle? ›

A beginner cyclist should aim for a cycle that is 20-30 minutes long. If this feels comfortable, gradually build up the duration you are cycling for by doing an extra ten minutes each time you head out on your bike.

Do and don'ts after cycling? ›

Here are the do's and don'ts for recovering from a long bike ride.
  • Rehydrate with water, not beer. ...
  • Refuel with clean nutrient dense foods, not processed junk. ...
  • Stretch or do some foam rolling, don't fall asleep on the couch. ...
  • Sleep, don't waste time clicking through the channels.
May 9, 2019

Can cycling lose weight fast? ›

Steady, moderate cycling burns about 300 calories in 60 minutes, but you can burn more than that if you increase the intensity. In fact, according to the Harvard Health Letter, a 155-pound person can burn as many as 298 calories in a 30-minute bike ride, if they pedal at a 12-to-13.9 mile-per-hour pace.

Can I lose weight from cycling? ›

If you're looking to get fitter, trimmer and lighter – not to mention healthier – then cycling is a great way to lose weight. It's efficient, enjoyable, easy to slot into a busy day and, best of all, has emotional and mental benefits as well as physical ones. What's not to like?

Is cycling good for 40 year old? ›

If you're looking for a physical activity option to help burn the calories and lower the risk of chronic diseases of lifestyle, cycling may be for you. The sport can effectively help maintain good cardiovascular health, as it gets your heart rate up, but is easier on your knees than running.

Why do cyclists drink Coke? ›

Cyclists drink Coca-Cola because of its sugar, an important carbohydrate source. Caffeine is an added benefit, giving the cyclist an extra boost. Finally, Coca-Cola also has a positive effect on the morale of the cyclist as it breaks the monotonous taste of sports drinks and energy gels.

Why do cyclists drink coffee? ›

Caffeine has some clear and obvious benefits to bike riders, it's a mild central nervous system stimulant so can improve your alertness and concentration and perk you up if you are feeling tired or lethargic, so says the British Coffee Association.

What should I eat after cycling? ›

This meal is vital for the body to replenish the carbohydrates stores used during exercise and provides amino acids and fats to help build and repair muscles. Meal idea: lean protein such as eggs, chicken, tuna or tofu along with complex carbs such as whole grain pasta, rice, or sweet potato and some fat - try avocado.

How long is the Danube bike Trail? ›

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most scenic cycling routes in Europe. It extends for about 1,200 kilometers from Donaueschingen in Germany to the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

Is Bulgaria good for cycling? ›

Bulgaria is a very mountainous country, and you need to be in pretty good shape to enjoy cycling there, especially in the central and western parts of the country. The highest mountains – Rila and Pirin offer splendid alpine views. The Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina) cross the entire country from west to east.

Can you ride a bike across Europe? ›

It's now quick and easy with EuroVelo 5 – Via Romeo Francigena or EuroVelo 3 – Pilgrims Route. The EuroVelo network allows you to cross 42 European countries by following 16 themed long-distance routes and pedalling 70,000km… And of course, all of that is by bike!

Where do pro cyclists train? ›

At UCI world tour level and UCI Pro team level, the majority of the teams choose Communidad Valencia for their winter training.

Where do most professional cyclists live? ›

Italian and Swiss Lake District: the place where many pro cyclists live.

Why is Andorra so popular? ›

Despite its tiny size Andorra is a popular destination, both in Winter and Summer. Attracted by the beautiful nature, the mountains, the skiing, cycling, and hiking opportunities, but also to buy cheaper gas and duty-free goods. In total, about 10 Million people visit Andorra each year.

What European country has the most cyclists? ›

The record-holding country for the most cyclists is the Netherlands, with some of its European neighbours following closely behind.

Which is the most sold bike in the world? ›

Said this, the Global market leader in 2022 as in the last decades is – by far – Honda. Not a surprise, of course. It is almost well known that the Japanese manufacturer dominates the industry with around one third of the industry in its hands.

Which city has the most cyclists? ›

The Dutch city of Utrecht has been named as the world's most bicycle-friendly city by the Global Bicycle Cities Index 2022.

How do you stop mol Bubi? ›

You can stop anytime within this 30 minutes period, close your rent at a station, and immediately start a new rent and go, there is no any other limitation.

How can I get a bike in Budapest? ›

Bike Sharing: Explore Budapest on a hire bike

If you don't bring your own bike to Budapest, there are a few options for getting a bike. The quickest way is with the public bike sharing company Bubi. Register on the website and pick up a bike. The docking stations are spread over the whole city.

Can I rent two bikes with Bubi? ›

One MOL Bubi pass can be used to hire up to four bikes at one time. If you've bought a ticket (using a credit card or pay pass), your mobile number will be requested and a pin will be sent to your mobile. Using the keypad at the back of the bike, enter your mobile number and pin, and the bike is ready to go.

How do I delete my Mobi bike account? ›

To delete your account please contact our Customer Service team at or call us at 778-655-1800.

Why do I find cycling so hard? ›

Learning to shift your bike correctly can also make a gigantic difference when it comes to cycling difficulty. If you're in the wrong gear, you could be pedaling so fast that you're out of breath and not efficiently using your leg muscles, or in a gear so big that you can barely make it over a hill.

How do you become a beginner cyclist? ›

Top tips for a beginner cyclist
  1. Buy your bike from a local shop. ...
  2. Get comfortable on your bike. ...
  3. Learn how to fix a puncture. ...
  4. Invest in a few key pieces of kit. ...
  5. Join a cycling club. ...
  6. Don't put up with saddle discomfort. ...
  7. The gears are there to help you. ...
  8. Be confident on the road.
Aug 14, 2022

How can I make cycling easier? ›

BikeRadar's tips to improve your average speed
  1. Pedal more. Knowing when to pedal is an important skill. ...
  2. Brake less. Learning how to take corners fast will help increase average speed. ...
  3. Ride in a group. ...
  4. Work on your cadence. ...
  5. Get more aero. ...
  6. Use your bike's gears more efficiently. ...
  7. Keep track. ...
  8. Train indoors.
Jul 7, 2022

Can cycling remove belly fat? ›

Yes, cycling can help lose belly fat, but it will take time. A recent study showed regular cycling may enhance overall fat loss and promote a healthy weight. To reduce overall belly girth, moderate-intensity aerobic exercises, such as cycling (either indoor or outdoor), are effective to lower belly fat.

Is 1 hour cycling a day good? ›

Regular cycling, especially at a high intensity, helps lower body fat levels, which promotes healthy weight management. It also tends to increase your metabolism and build muscle, which allows you to burn more calories, even while at rest.

Does cycling make your legs stronger? ›

Cycling will help strengthen your legs

Cycling improves overall function in your lower body and strengthens your leg muscles without overstressing your joints. It targets your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

When should you not cycle? ›

We look at the top 5 reasons not to ride your bike.
  • You are feeling ill and symptoms are below the neck or include a temperature. ...
  • It is icy. ...
  • It's windy. ...
  • It hurts, and not in a good way. ...
  • You are exhausted.
Feb 17, 2020

How do you breathe when cycling uphill? ›

You need to push more air out so you can get more fresh air in,” he says. “Open your mouth a little more and try to force 20% more air out of your lungs with each breath.” Following Coach's lead, you exhale more deeply, which makes every inhalation that much deeper, too.

Is cycling harder than running? ›

In general, running burns more calories than cycling. But it's also higher impact and harder on muscles and joints.

How long should a beginner cycle? ›

Cycle for 30 minutes on your first day, reduce it to 20 for your second, and finish the week with a 60 minute cycle on the weekend. For the final week, you're going to add an extra day of cycling. Ride for 45 minutes on your first day.

How far should I cycle a day? ›

There is no limit on how many miles you can bike on a given day. It depends on how to fit you are, what your workout routine is, and how far you ride. For beginners, 10 miles per day is OK. Forty-five miles is a reasonable limit if you're an experienced cyclist who can bike 25-30 miles per day.

How far can a beginner cycle in a day? ›

Generally, the ideal distance to cycle daily for a beginner is 12km. However, It may differ from person to person, place to place, and other factors too. If you have just started cycling then you should focus on covering a distance of at least 12km daily.

Is cycling everyday healthy? ›

Regular cycling stimulates and improves your heart, lungs and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cycling strengthens your heart muscles, lowers resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels.

Why are my legs so tired after cycling? ›

Cycling depletes your energy, creates muscle trauma, and reduces muscle strength. Because of this and without enough recovery sandwiched between hard cycling efforts, you'll find yourself either underperforming, and you'll feel much more leg fatigue in cycling.

Why do my legs hurt so much when cycling? ›

A common reason for encountering cycling leg pain is because of a build-up of lactic acid. Whilst you are cycling the body utilises oxygen to break down glucose for energy. If the exercise intensity is too much you might run out of oxygen for this process.


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