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Looking for the best way to send money from the Philippines to family, friends or businesses in United Arab Emirates (or even to your own overseas bank account)?

Unfortunately, Finder doesn't have any providers that can help you send money to United Arab Emirates from the Philippines. Transferring money to countries like United Arab Emirates is challenging but potentially services such as Western Union and WorldRemit are worth exploring.

Best ways to send money to United Arab Emirates from the Philippines

The best way to send money to United Arab Emirates depends on your payment method, how you want your money to be received and how fast you need it to arrive.

  • Online money transfer provider. When buying Philippine pesos or Emirati dirhams money transfer specialists typically offer better rates and cheaper fees than a local bank.

Compare other the Philippines money transfer companies

Although we don't have any options for you to transfer money to United Arab Emirates, here are some other money transfer companies that send from the Philippines you can check out in the meantime.

Cheapest way to send money to United Arab Emirates

When you're hunting down the cheapest ways to send money to United Arab Emirates, it's more important to look at the overall cost of your transfer. This has a couple of elements:

  • Transfer fees. While still cheaper than your Filipino bank, some money transfer services charge either a fixed or percentage-based fee for making your transfer.
  • Exchange rates. Another way money transfer providers make money is to add a margin to the mid-market PHP/AED exchange rate.

Some providers may charge the mid-market rate but add fees on top. Others may have very low fees but apply a markup on the exchange rate. This means it is important to compare exactly how many Emirati dirhams your recipient will end up with.

Safest way to send money to United Arab Emirates

The safest way to get your money to United Arab Emirates is to use a provider registered with the Philippines's industry regulator, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). All of the companies we've compared in our table are overseen by a local regulator and comply with the relevant laws and regulations in both the Philippines and United Arab Emirates.

A great way to dive deeper is by reading our extended reviews of each transfer service and researching first-hand customer feedback on Trustpilot and similar platforms.

Large money transfers to United Arab Emirates

If you need to make a sizable money transfer to United Arab Emirates, consider using a provider such as to benefit from its expertise in handling larger transfer amounts.

Using a large transfer specialist can have the following advantages:
  • Tax guidance. Large transfers to United Arab Emirates may have tax implications for you or your recipient. A transfer specialist can help get you up to speed on BIR's latest advice.
  • Foreign exchange (forex) tools. Advanced tools such as forward contracts, limit orders and stop-loss orders can help you lock in the AED exchange rate you want.
  • Account manager. Some money transfer providers assign a personal account manager who can help and advise you on your transfer needs.
  • Phone service. If you want to talk your transfer through with someone, some providers can give you support over the phone.

How to send money to United Arab Emirates from the Philippines

To send money to United Arab Emirates, you'll need the necessary documentation, your recipient's details and a way to pay.

  1. Compare your options.

    Use our table to find a money transfer provider that sends funds to United Arab Emirates. One may be better for cash pickups while another may suit a bank transfer. Once you've found the best one for your requirements, click "Go to site".

  2. Create an account.

    You'll need to give your name, address, contact details, proof of ID and method of payment.

  3. Provide your recipient's details.

    Enter your recipient's name and contact information. If you're sending straight to their Emirati bank account, you'll need the account number, SWIFT or IBAN plus their bank branch's address.

  4. Enter your transfer amount.

    Check you're happy with the fees, exchange rates and transfer speed, then enter the amount you wish to send. Double-check the total Emirati dirhams your recipient gets.

  5. Complete your transfer.

    Send your money transfer to United Arab Emirates. Keep your transaction reference number safe so you can track your transfer. Your recipient may need it too.

How to choose the best money transfer companies to send money to United Arab Emirates

Although we currently have any active deals to help you transfer money to United Arab Emirates from the Philippines, below we cover the most features to consider when researching providers.

  • Exchange rates. Banks and transfer services use the mid-market rate to trade with one another. It is the best rate you can get. However, not all money transfer providers offer you this mid-market rate so compare the AED you're offered to the mid-market rate and look for the smallest difference.
  • Transfer fees. Are you being charged a flat fee or a percentage of your transfer amount? For example, a provider offering to transfer your money to United Arab Emirates for a flat or low fee might work out better if you plan to send a large amount.
  • Transfer type. Does your recipient have an Emirati bank account or is cash or cell phone top-up a better option? Each transfer type will have different fees. For example, instant cash pickups tend to be more expensive than bank transfers.
  • Transfer speed. If you need your transfer to arrive quickly, you can pay for an express delivery. Some companies offer instant cash pickups but may charge more. If you're not in a rush, online money transfer services offer the best value and get your money to United Arab Emirates faster and cheaper than banks.
  • Transfer limits. Find out how much you can send with each service.
  • Discounts. Some providers may offer you a free transfer simply for signing up. Others may offer a discount if you transfer more than a specific amount of Emirati dirhams.

Frequently asked questions

    • Photo identification: Most providers require a driver's license, passport or other Filipino government-issued ID.
    • A way to pay: Your options depend on the provider's services. Popular methods include cash, debit or credit card and bank account transfers.
    • Recipient information: You'll need their name (matching their ID) plus contact details. If sending to a Emirati bank account, you'll need their account number, SWIFT and branch details.

    • Transfer number: The reference number – sometimes called a PIN, MTCN or tracking number.
    • Government-issued ID: An official ID, such as a Emirati passport or driver's license.
    • The transfer amount: To know how much has been sent, usually to within 10% of the total.
    • Sender information: The sender's name and address and the transfer's country of origin.

  • This depends on the provider you choose as each will have its own sending limit. Some services allow you to transfer as little as $1, while others have a significantly higher minimum threshold.

    Remember that some providers will have maximum transfer amounts as well, either as a result of Filipino tax policies or because their service is more limited. If you need to send a large transfer, look for a provider that has higher or no sending limits to United Arab Emirates.

  • The turnaround time for a money transfer to United Arab Emirates depends on the provider and how you pay for the transfer. Expect your transfer to arrive within minutes if you pay using cash or with a debit or credit card. Paying by bank transfer can take longer – usually 2–5 days.

  • Yes, you can still send a money transfer if neither you nor your recipient in United Arab Emirates has a bank account. Look at cash transfer providers where you can pay with cash and your recipient can collect it as cash or as mobile phone reload on the other end.

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